My reality series about fighting to be an artist in Boston… Quiet Desperation….. Newest episode!!! 

It’s a very close to the bone portrayal of what I’m going through right now…. Which is the fight to be more creative in Boston….. You should fight that fight tooo…. Because art evolves you…. By choosing to express yourself in any capacity such as painting or jamming with friends on music you’re calling upon the elements to seek deeper consciousness and connections with your fellow human beings…. Just like meditation or going to church….. It’s worth it to continue to dive into being creative and finding your true self underneath….don’t worry about stats on youtube or soundcloud….. look at art to evolve your being and the rest is house money….. I just spent 4 hours uploading this at a Barnes and Nobles….. Art is worth that…. Please take a chance and watch….and like….and share….. Together We Rise…..

This is the trailer for my reality series QUIET DESPERATION. Basically a documentary out of Boston that has been running underground for over four years showing the manics and creative types around me in the greater Allston area…

Newest episode of my reality series Quiet Desperation… I’m living in a car on this one with sad kidneys :(

Allston Mass is a creepy, cruel, surreal city with a “something’s not quite right” feeling howling down the sidewalks at dusk. An influx of college students, hipsters, timebombs roaming up and down the streets each year and a feeling of nothing ever stays the same for too long. Eats up a lot of psyches and folks and spits them out afterwards with the rest of their lives.